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Callus cells Regenerative Therapeutics exclusive from Switzerland vitalizes mesenchymal stem cells

Improve the stemness of aged mesenchymal stem cells

Increase exosome signaling by mesenchymal stem cells, which in turn improves extracellular matrix production in fibroblasts.

Improved V-Shape Via Dermal Rejuvenation

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Selfyskin Kit is loaded with large amount of Exosomes

Lactobacillus brevis J2K-55, and with our J2K Metabiome technology , this contains a large amount of exosomes secreted by this microorganism.

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Exosome Size Analysis By Nano Tracking Analysis (NTA)

According to our size analysis, most of them are below 150 nm and the average size is 128 nm. This result suggests that the most of particles in our key ingredient are exosomes.

The number concentration of exosomes in Lactobacillus brevis J2K-55 is about 300 Million Exosomes particles per ml

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